A Healthy Body begins with a Healthy Mind

It is interesting to note that up until 300 years ago the connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body was not a phenomenon, it was the status quo.  A person’s body and mind were treated as a whole unit.  Somewhere along the line, however, this opinion changed, and they became two separate, unconnected entities, until gradually, researchers once again discovered that there was indeed a connection.

It is not a coincidence that I chose the statement “prosper and be in health” as a part of the banner for this site. This statement actually comes from the Bible, and if we read the complete verse it instructs us, in essence, that in order to have prosperous health, our ‘soul’ (our mind) must prosper.

That verse was written about 2000 years ago, and even though man’s thinking had changed for a brief period of time, scientists and researchers have once again re-established the fact that the mind plays an important part in our physical health.

Dr. James Gordon, founder of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine puts it this way:

“The brain and peripheral nervous system, the endocrine and immune systems, and indeed, all the organs of our body and all the emotional responses we have, share  a common chemical language and are constantly communicating with one another.”

So what is this article about?  What would I like to convey to you?

1.  Have a Good Outlook on Life.

Not all of us are fortunate enough to be born into favorable situations, this is true; and many people become a ‘product of their environment’.  There are many, on the other hand, whose situations were deplorable, and who determined in their minds that they were going to overcome their situations and move out of negative environments.

We have heard the statement repeated many times: “When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade.”  Some may say that this is easier said than done, but if you say that, that in itself is a mindset.  Once you determine in your mind that you “cannot”, it is very difficult to overcome the hurdles that life brings.

I need for you therefore to see through different eyes.  Create in your mind a picture of the kind of life you would like to have. See it through the eyes of faith. Use your imagination and see it.

Have the Les Brown attitude:  Winning Attitude

2.  Laugh a Lot

Dr. Caroline Leaf, well-known psychiatrist, says:Laugh soothes the mindAgain, the Good Book says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine*.”  Joy is one of the things God wants us to have, because He knows that if we are stress-free and light-hearted, it will have a positive impact on our bodies.

Many times over we are encouraged to “Rejoice!”.  I read a quotation on Facebook this morning which says it in a different way:

Laughing is good

This tells me that there will be rainy days in our lives, but no matter what is going on, laughter will alleviate the pain or frustration and bring about some relief.

3.  Share Love

Love is the greatest healer. It heals emotional wounds and can cause physical ailments to be less intense.

Love calms the mind.  When the mind is calm, the body is calm. When the body is calm, healing can take place.  It may take a while, but when someone is nursed in love, it ministers to the whole body.

Knowing that you are loved alleviates tension.  Knowing that you are loved dissipates fear — and we know that fear has torment associated with it.  Knowing you are loved brings safety, security and peace.

A peaceful mind is the answer to many who are challenged with hypertension, which leads to other physical ailments.  A peaceful mind is the answer to heart trouble.

Sharing love keeps love coming back to you.  A kind word, a loving gesture, a gift, a moment of your time —  all these are ways in which you can show love.

This blog is not about selling a product, rather it is about sharing information which you can adopt and implement in your life for a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy body begins with a healthy mind.

One of the ways you can continually maintain a healthy mind is to read healthy books.  A good book can renew your mind and bring about a healthy outlook.

If I could make a recommendation, I would suggest a #1 best seller.  It is written by Joyce Meyer, and is available on Amazon.  

My sincere hope is that it helps you to maintain a healthy mind.

God Bless.


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