How Baby Boomers Stay in Good Health

The best way for Baby Boomers to maintain good health is to establish good health habits and maintain a positive attitude toward life while they are still young. Not only will this keep your lifestyle active, but it will even cause you to improve with age.

Improving with Age

Contrary to popular opinion, age does not necessarily mean deterioration and disability.  A person’s senior years can be healthy and productive. If you’re part of the Baby Boomer generation, you will agree that your dreams and goals for your retirement years do not include disease.  You want to be free to enjoy your grandchildren, to travel, or even to enter into a new business venture or volunteer activity which has always been on your heart.  That being the case, the following recommendations will assist you in your quest to maintain or renew your health.

Food good for healthy aging

Eat Well

Good nutrition is the fundamental principle of good health.  We not only have to be concerned with what we actually put into our body, but we must be concerned with what the environment contributes to our health. One ingredient which is necessary to protect the body from free radicals and environmental toxins is antioxidants.

Some great antioxidant foods are berries, tomatoes, leafy green vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, and kale.  These foods can help protect your body from toxins and cancer as you age.  Keeping some of them in your daily diet along with fresh fruits will help your body fight.

Nuts, because of their richness in good fats, are also considered very good food.  Good fats protect the brain and can be found in wild caught salmon, free range eggs and grass fed meats as well.  When I use cooking oil, I use either olive oil or coconut oil.  Both are  considered good oils. Protecting your brain would naturally boost your memory and fend against a disease like alzheimers.

Use the Right Supplements

Even though you may eat the right foods, your active lifestyle could prohibit you sometimes from eating right. Thank God for supplements!!  Natural herbal supplements imitate the original green foods and fruits which our body needs, and because they have been conveniently packaged, we literally have no excuse for not getting the right nutrition.

We might not want to take 10 or 20 different capsules or tablets every day, so nutritionists have compiled vitamins and minerals into one easy-to-use product which supplies all the necessary nutrients.  Furthermore, many times the product is available in liquid form, or in a powder form which can be easily converted into liquid by adding water.

Along with a good multi-vitamin Baby Boomers need Omega-3 fatty acids which is a critical anti-aging nutrient. Joint pain is one of the common complaints of people as they age, and omega-3 can reduce joint pain and protect your heart.

After reading this post you might expect me to make a recommendation for you.  Well, not to disappoint you, my suggestion for us Baby Boomers is Liquid Chlorophyll.

After you have tried this product and have comments or other suggestions, feel free to leave them below. Questions and comments can help others to make a decision.

Age Healthy!



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  • Totally agree with you. Being a baby boomer myself!! It is very important as you say to take your advice and be aware of how you can take care of yourself. Baby boomers are very active and although older in years are not old in attitude. Thanks for a great post,

    • Yes Helen, we still have a lot of the world to conquer. That’s the attitude of baby boomers and we really need to eat right to stay healthy so we can conquer the world. Thanks for your comment.


  • It is so great to be in good health, for when you are in good health you feel good about yourself, and besides eating healthy can cause a person to prolong heir life, Your post is great and I ma sue that your readers will love what you are offering and the good direction that you are giving them on eating healthy. Thanks for sharing all the best to you and have a good day

    • Thank you Norman. I believe that each of us has a destiny to fulfill, therefore it is important that we maintain our health to fulfill that destiny.

  • I loved visiting your refreshing site today Judy. You have outlined everything so well and made it all a simple solution that anyone can follow. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Merry,

      I thank you for stopping by today. I really try to keep everything simple and straightforward, so that it can actually help someone who reads it. I know everyone is not medically inclined, so I omit technical words whenever I can, so that the average person can understand how to stay healthy. I also try to suggest foods and products that can be easily attained.

      To your health!

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