How to Avoid Senior Moments – At Any Age

Have you ever wondered why we experience slight lapses of memory while doing regular everyday things? It happens to everyone, yet it may bother many people.  This website will set your mind at ease.

Do you worry about what is commonly referred to as ‘senior moments’?  I took the time to delve into this everyday occurrence, and found that there is really not a lot to worry about.  This blog will give you some tips on how to avoid those senior moments in your life. Senior moment?

One important question people might face both as a retiree and even younger is, “Am I going to develop any serious illness later in life as a result of these temporary lapses?”

My research showed me that you have nothing to worry about.  When you ‘forget’ why you went into another room, or where you left your car in the parking lot, or what question you were going to ask, it does not mean that you are becoming mentally disabled, it may simply fall into one of the categories I list below.

Ways to Avoid Senior Moments

Sleep.  Get your beauty rest. The mind is a beautiful thing.  You cannot function at your peak if you don’t get adequate sleep.  See my other article on the effects of sleeplessness.

Multi-tasking.  De-clutter.  Reduce mental clutter. Concentrate on, and finish one job first before thinking about the next.  Make to-do lists for yourself.

Exercise.  Do not be weary in well doing.  Exercise both the body and the mind.  Read books, do puzzles, play games which stimulate your thinking.  Get involved with others’ problems and offer solutions.  Take a course. Join Wealthy Affiliate!!

Manage Stress.  Meditate and pray.  Remember this: Don’t worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart. And God’s peace, which is far beyond human understanding, will keep your hearts and minds safe in union with Christ Jesus.

Laugh and Play.  All work and no play makes a dull mind.  Do not overwork. Plan fun times with friends and family.

Eat Well.  There are foods which give the brain the specific nutrient it needs to avoid senior moments.  Some of these foods are: green tea, cocoa, fruit skins such as grapes and blackberries.  These foods all contain a protein called RbAp48 which is essential to the part of the brain involved with memory.

Scientific Evidence.

After a study conducted by researchers at Columbia University Medical Center, it was concluded that when the brain is deficient in the RbAp48 protein it affects memory loss, but thankfully, that memory loss is reversible.  If you are interested in how the scientific research was done, you can read further details of the study here.

There were other studies conducted in this field, one of them which was conducted in 2013 also concluded that Age-related forgetfulness is caused by protein deficiency”, and suggested that doctors could use this information to provide natural supplements or pharmaceutical solutions which would increase the RbAp48 protein in the brain.

With this being said, it is my conclusion that when we eat the foods I mentioned before and comply with the other suggestions, our ‘senior moments’ would become less and less, and cause us to enjoy life instead of worrying.

eliminate senior moments

I hope your mind has been set at ease from reading this post.  As for me, the time I took to look into this subject has been very rewarding.  The Bible says, “people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.   We have all heard the saying that knowledge is power, but I’d like to share another quote I came across which is apropos to this article.  It says:

 Knowledge is not power.
Knowledge is only potential power.
Action is Power.

Thanks to Anthony Robbins for his insight.

What will you do with the knowledge that you have acquired?  Will you forget about it, or will you apply it to your life?  It is my hope that you have been enlightened and encouraged so that you can enjoy a life free from worry about senior moments.

For those of you who would prefer just to take a daily supplement, I recommend Dr. Amen’s Brain & Memory Power Boost, or Omega-3 Power which you can purchase from his site.

You can also use this very effective product.For Optimum Brain function


Any thoughts?  I would love to read your experiences and thoughts about this subject.  Have you had “senior moments?”

Don’t forget to reply. LOL



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  • Hi Judy,

    Thank you for the information you provided here. I do have moments where I forget why I’ve walked into a room or what was I going to do next while I’m on the computer. It can get frustrating at sometimes.

    I’ve always believed by exercising your brain is by reading or keeping your mind active helps with less memory loss. What I didn’t know was how important it is to feed your brain with a protein called RbAp48.
    It’s good to know what foods contain this protein.

    • Hi Rosa,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Like you, I was very happy to discover that there are things that we can do to solve this problem. Hopefully, others will find the information helpful.

  • Very nice , I found your site very informative especially about the fears & concerns one has with memory loss when he has one of those moments and a direction they might consider . this is a personal issue and one a lot of us are confronted with. Keep up the good work and I think
    your site will help a lot of people.

  • I think that I’ve been having “senior moments” pretty much all my life! I think it’s possibly because I have too many things on the go at one time – and I’m fairly easily distracted as well.

    It doesn’t worry me too much – but I suppose a little mental decluttering wouldn’t be a bad thing – at any age!

  • Hello,

    This is so informative as a lot of people can and may have been experiencing this for quite a long time in their lives already. Finally, there is this article of yours which could definitely give everyone an idea of how to counter and even to completely avoid having senior moments. This just gets too embarrassing especially if you are trying to impress someone but ends up not remembering what you are about to do or how to do it.

    Thanks to this article, people can now have their own ways of avoiding such an embarrassing moment and have a worthwhile time of their lives!

  • Thank you for all your great information and research. It really helps to have someone who knows from experience and then research how to deal with specific issues.

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