How to Improve Your Health and Wellness Naturally

Most of us are not aware of the importance of maintaining a holistic approach to our health, but it is indeed very important. You must know how to improve your health and wellness naturally so that you can maintain a balance in your life. This article will show you how.

Since humans are tri-part beings – body soul and spirit – a person must take all three elements into consideration when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

One such way is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  TCM states that there are five Chinese elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. These five elements can tell alot about our personality and also ties in to our general wellbeing.  Each element has certain characteristics, and you are able to identify whether those characteristics are a part of you, and also how to satisfy those elements.

Granted, one person may have the characteristics of more than one element, but usually one element is stronger than the other.  I find TCM to be an interesting philosophy and hope you will too.  Look below to see where you fall.

Characteristics of the Elements of TCM

Water—In the body, this element is related to the kidneys and bladder. From an emotional point of view, people who are considered to be in the water element are calm, patient and peaceful.
Wood—In the body, this element is related to the liver and gallbladder. From an emotional point of view, people who are considered to be in the wood element are bold, driven and decisive.
Fire—In the body, this element is related to the nervous, circulatory and glandular systems. From an emotional point of view those who are considered fire people are charismatic and charming.
Earth—In the body, this element is related to the stomach and pancreas. Emotionally, people who are considered to be earth people are nurturing, helpful and loyal.
Metal—In the body, this element is related to the lungs and colon. People who fall into this category are precise, orderly and reserved.

How To Determine Which Element You Are

You might be wondering which element you fall into, and how you can keep yourself in balance physically and emotionally.  Below you will find a chart which you can use to assist you in determining your TCM element.  Make a check mark in each row and then total the columns.

After you have decided which element (or elements) you fall into, the next step is to determine which is your strongest element and which one(s) you need to concentrate on building up.

Sometimes you will find that you are too strong in one area, and too weak in another.

Excess Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Element

Water Element.  The way to determine whether you have either an excess strength or a deficiency in your kidneys or bladder (the characteristic of water) is by observing the frequency or infrequency of your urination. If it is scanty or clear, if you have fluid retention, edema; damp tongue with moist coating; puffy under eyes; you are considered to be in excess.  On the other hand, if you are deficient, you will experience some of these symptoms: frequent, urgent urination; brittle bones, weak structure; pale tongue, often dry; and/or dark circles under eyes.

Wood Element.  To determine either an excess strength or deficiency in your blood, liver and gallbladder (the characteric for wood) you should look for any of these symptoms: reddish complexion; menstrual pain; angry, irritable feelings; active and tense. If you do, you are considered to be in excess. A deficiency is manifested in the following way: depressed, discouraged feelings and/or fatigue. When the wood element is deficient, you can feel discouraged and lose your drive and ambition.

Fire Element.  As stated before, the fire element is related to the nervous, circulatory and glandular systems. If a person has an excess condition,  he or she may be restless, fast moving; overly enthusiastic; find difficulty getting to sleep; or have a red tip on the tongue. In a deficient condition, a person can experience extreme fatigue; feeling “overwhelmed” and burned out; have difficulty staying asleep; or have a quivering tongue.

Earth Element.  In earth people, the concentration is on your stomach and pancreas.  When an earth person has an excess condition, you will find acute acid indigestion; belching with a foul taste in the mouth; abdominal pain or discomfort; and a heavily coated tongue. In a deficient condition there is a lack of HCI (hydrochloric acid), poor protein digestion; food may sit heavy in the stomach; a chronically poor appetite; and they may have a pale tongue.

Metal Element.  The metal element is related to the lungs, colon and mucosal membrane. Symptoms of excess in this element are heavy mucus production; acute respiratory congestion; productive (damp) cough, moisture.  Emotionally, there is excessive grieving and sadness.  Deficiency symptoms are scant mucus production; chronic respiratory weakness; dry cough, tightness in chest.  They may be aloof and emotionally distant, and repress grief.

The above examples highlight how Traditional Chinese Medicine works.  We learn that it is not good to be either in excess or in deficiency. There must be a balance to achieve the health we desire.  This is a very valuable lesson.

What are the Herbal Solutions to Improve Your Health?

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Since we are dealing with a vast majority of people, I could not possibly list all of the products here, but here are a sampling.

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Until then,

Prosper and be in Health





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  • I find TCM very interesting and have had acupuncture for various ailments with great success. I think I come under more of a wood element, although find that under the symptoms of deficiency and excess, I am experirncing both – is that possible or might I be confusing a deficiency/excess with another element (so I am two elements so to speak)?

  • This is so interesting. I had a brief introduction to this several years ago, but didn’t have an evaluation tool, so I found this very helpful. I appreciate the concise but detailed descriptions. Thanks for the information!

  • I had tried things like occupy crude in the past , but never have I been told about the elements this way. I think i am the fire element!
    I’m not a fan of traditional medicine, I much prefer natural alternatives. Thank you for informing me about nature’s sunshine, I’m going to order some kidney activating formula today!

    • Hi Matt,

      I’m glad I was able to help you. Feel free to order anything you have need of from Natures Sunshine. They’re a company that stands behind their products. If you are the fire element, I’m sure you’re very charming. Good health and prosperity to you!


  • I have heard a lot of people talking about the 5 elements in different contexts but I never have really got into myself. I would love to fill in the chart to find out what element is mine. Could you post a link to it? It doesn#t seem to respond to my keyboard within your post.
    Thank you,

  • This was a wonderful article, thank you for sharing your wisdom.
    I have known, in a broader sense, of the 5 Elements and reading your article actually cleared up a few things I was confused about.

    I will check more of your site which I do like since I am too in Holistic, I do appreciate your knowledge.

    • Thanks for visiting, Sylvia. I’m glad I was able to clarify things for you. I just finished writing another blog expanding on the first one which you might want to take a look at. You can find it here.

  • Hi Judy, I enjoyed your interesting article! I like the fact the you mentioned holistic approach to health care. I’m a big believer in that.

    I also checked out your review on Nature’s sunshine products. The ALJ for sinus condition is of interest to me as my daughter has a sinus problem. I will ask her to check this out.

    Have a sunshine day to you too!


    • Thanks for stopping by, Song. Yes, I have used the ALJ for sinuses. If cleans out the mucus and eliminates it from the body. I recommend it.

  • WOW, thanks I needed this article! I love the chart you’ve supplied. I’m going to bookmark and share with friends.

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