Natural Healing Solution for Grief

I was asked for more information on a previous article I wrote concerning how a healthy mind impacts our body –  As a response to that request, I decided to write another blog which will benefit both the inquirer as well as others who may read this article.

Grief comes to us all at some time or other in our lives, and many people succumb to its negative impact, but it does not have to be that way.  There is a natural healing solution to maintaining a healthy mindset while dealing with any kind of grief or sorrow.

I have drawn a little diagram to illustrate the makeup of a human being.How emotions affect your body  It is in a very simplified form, but is done this way so that the article can be easily understood by all who read it.

The Bible says “man became a living soul” (Genesis 2:7).  Before that time man was a spirit, and then when God formed his body, the spirit and the body were joined together by the “living soul”.

In the soul we have our emotions — all the human emotions – as well as our will and our mind.  What goes on in the soul affects what goes on in the body.

Our emotions: fear, disappointment, anger, aggression, grief, etc. have a great impact on our brain, and our brain is the control center for our body.

Let us take a look at this chart which I found on facebook: Natural solutions for our Emotions

All these actions are regulated by the brain — which in turns sends messages to our body.  The body then reacts in various ways as the example above shows.

In the case of grief which comes about on the loss of a loved one, or even disappointment over some circumstance, the brain may be impacted in the areas of mood, memory and perception, and could result in manifestation in one’s health.  There have been cases where someone has died as a result of grieving too much because their thoughts controlled their behavior.


The good news is that this does not have to be so!!!

Your Thoughts Control Your Behavior

Since it is the thoughts that control our behavior, the more we dwell on the negative thoughts, the more developed the neurons in our brain become, and in some cases result in chronic sadness or depression.

Therefore, it was suggested that we put a Stop Negative Thoughtssign when we recognize a negative thought.  Refuse to accept it.  Scripture puts it this way:  “take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Sometimes people think that they cannot survive in one area or another without the one whom they have lost; that is one of the negative thoughts that should be stopped.  Instead, remember the wonderful times spent with your loved one, and trust God to send someone into your life to uplift you.

Again, some other people accuse themselves by thinking things like – “if only I had done this or that, or ……”  This is also a negative thought, and if they dwell on it, they could become depressed and/or suicidal.  We don’t want that.  God never condemns us, so we should not condemn ourselves either.

I recently spoke to a lady who had lost her son and her husband, and felt all alone.  She felt depressed and forsaken; but I shared with her that she is never alone because that is what Jesus said, and furthermore, He bore our griefs and carried our sorrows.  I instructed her instead, to fill her home with joyful music –  sing and dance so that the joy of the Lord will give her strength to go on.  She did, and at last report, she is still doing well.

One last thing – prior to going to bed at night, NEVER allow yourself to think of negative things.  STOP them.Stop Negative Thoughts

As you begin to reject any thought which would create a negative feeling in your emotions, you must also be careful about what your tongue says.

Your tongue speaks to Your Body

Your words have a definite impact on your experience.  So Speak Life!!  Have a GOOD conversation with your brain. Speak words that tell your brain the good things that will happen to you. Begin to say things like: I WILL overcome this fear, or this hurt, or this anger or this grief!  This will not be the end of me!  I will rise again! etc. I am a conqueror!I Am What I Say I Am

May you continue to be in good health!  Speak Life to Yourself!

I welcome any comments and/or questions you may have. If I can be of further help, feel free to use the comment box below.

Blessings on you.






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  • I have always been Intrigued with how thoughts and feelings can affect the physical body. As I continue to learn I’m finding both are intertwined and it is nearly impossible to disturb one without affecting the other.
    I had never thought about how you speak to yourself can have positive/negative outcomes. I’ll be sure to talk nicely to myself from now on.
    Thanks for the great article.

    • Thanks for your input, Stu. You are absolutely right, we are wonderfully made. You will be happy with yourself for thinking and speaking positive thoughts.

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