Travel, the Antidote for Stress

One of the most successful ways to eliminate stress and achieve a healthy mind is to travel.  Travel, the antidote for stress is highly recommended. Taking a trip away from the everyday routine is one of the most effective cathartic exercises anyone can have.

I have found that a getaway of just three or four days to a different environment causes both the mind and body to relax and rejuvenate itself.  Therefore, I could not sponsor a site which offers natural solutions for your health, without including travel as a natural solution to stressful living.

How to Have a Healthy Mind

Travel Solution No. 1: Visit with Family

This can be as simple as taking time off to visit the out-of-state grandchildren.  A trip like this can be very rewarding, especially if you are in your sixties and are still working.  I find that the love and appreciation expressed by family, especially children, can and does renew your energy in a way that nothing else can.  Grandchildren actually expect you to keep up with them, and to give them the attention they crave.

Travel Solution No. 2 –Visit with Friends

It is nice to be with the grandchildren and renew your inner youth; however, it is also advantageous to laugh and talk with friends you have known for years.  On a couple of occasions I left everything behind, took the Greyhound bus from New York to Virginia, and met up with some friends who were going to a resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I left my husband for a while with the bills and chores and traveled to a new place.  It was my first road trip and I remember it vividly.  Of course, there was stimulating conversation and laughter on the way, but the most memorable experience for me was the breathtaking view of the mountains as we approached.

This was my first time in the Shenandoah area, and one of the things I vividly remember is that the air was clean and fresh.  This alone was worth the trip, especially for someone coming from New York City, with its hustle and bustle.

I literally threw my cares to the wind and enjoyed the serenity of the resort. I was thoroughly refreshed.  We enjoyed each other’s company as well as the resort to the extent that we decided to return the following year.

Travel Solution No. 3 – Attend a Retreat

This is another awesome way to de-stress and achieve a healthy mind.  Christian retreats are usually conducted in an environment where there is little or no distraction.  They are usually held at a location where there is a general feeling of being close to nature.

In addition to getting away for a few days, a Retreat offers the opportunity for participants to unburden.  Most attendees experience a spiritual uplifting after spending three days in continuous praise and hearing words of encouragement.  It is a time when personal barriers to achievement are removed, and are replaced by renewed vigor and inner freedom.


Travel Solution No. 4 – Take a Missions Trip

Taking a missions trip is a very therapeutic experience. It provides a new perspective on life in general, and on the participant’s life in particular.  During mission trips to South America, I witnessed firsthand some of the unfortunate conditions in which families were living.

Traveling with others on a Mission trip can cause you to appreciate, first of all, the country in which we live, and secondly, the opportunities that are available to us in a free country.

I can personally attest to this experience, having just recently returned from a missions trip to Mexico. One of the benefits of this particular type of travel is that your focus is taken entirely off yourself and placed on those to whom you are ministering.

As others look to you for guidance and/or help of one sort or another, you are forced to dig deep within yourself and draw out major portions of your very being to share with them.

On this trip to Mexico I visited several cities, most of them not tourist cities, and some of them in remote parts of the mountains.  In some cases the team and I experienced old-fashioned ways of cooking, as well as the use of outdoor facilities.

Despite the lack of sophistication and ‘apparent comfort’, people went about their everyday living without complaint, and children played with what they had without murmuring.

Travel Solution No. 5 – Take a Cruise

Taking a cruise is a wonderful way to forget problems and relax.  My first cruise was a memorable occasion.  I had seen cruise ships in the distance as well as in pictures, but seeing one up close was an eye-opening experience.  I was surprised to see that it was as long as a City block.  That was many years ago, but the impression was a very lasting one.  What I enjoyed most was the fact that every morning when I woke up, I would be in a different country.  It is truly an amazing way to see various places on the same trip.

Everything imaginable is on a cruise ship.  If you’re a fan of the theater, there are Broadway-quality shows.  There are swimming pools, casinos, party clubs for various age groups, and several eating places including a formal dining room.

To add to the carefree existence of a cruise, this awesome experience is all-inclusive.  All the food and activities onboard are included in the cost of the trip.  (On-shore tours and incidental personal expenditures would be extra.)

A cruise is a perfect way to have some personal “me-time”, and at the same time meet many wonderful people.

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I hope I have been able to expose you to another natural way to combat any stress which you or those you love may be experiencing.

Have Loads of Fun!!




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  • Hello, I found your site very informative. We all can relate to having a senior moment etc and we probably don’t think of the health in our brain as much as we should. I really was interested and I will definitely look at your website more often. thanks for creating this website. I really did enjoy it 😉

    • Hello Crystal,

      Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you like the site. I hope you have been able to find a solution for you which meets your needs. You can contact me if you are interested in visiting any of the places I suggested in the post. Have a stress-free life!


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